What a few of our union members have to say! 

Hello Ken, I just wanted to let you know that Jesse Cook has been successful in obtaining the refund of my security deposit and the matter is now closed. I have chosen not to pursue all of the penalties due me and am pleased to be able to move on at this point.

Jesse did a very nice job for me in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price, so I am very satisfied with the entire experience. Thank you for the referral and for all of your assistance.

Best wishes
August 8, 2012
Ken Volk and Staff,

John and I wish to say thank you for the superb job you did in dealing with our landlord issues with the break lease program you implemented! I have to admit that we were quite a bit nervous throughout the process, thinking about all the possible outcomes; but you and your staff were always available to put our minds at ease and guide us through the process!
All we had to do was follow the steps laid out for us in the paper work and leave the rest in your capable hands!We are so glad we came to you, trying to handle this in a legal manner and delighted to know that will be getting our security deposit back as well! You proved to us above and beyond that your program is a fantastic defense for us (underdogs) renters to battle slum lords with!Once again,

THANK YOU ALL for your hard work that led to a happy ending for us!
John & Janice Graehling
December 23, 2011
Hi Kenneth,

I just wanted to drop you a line and say Thank You for having this service available. The ladies that answered the phone over the past 2 days have been sincere and very helpful. We were really stressed out about a demand that our current landlord made to make us sign a updated shorter lease, and feel so much relief after having spoken with your people. Your service is truly a blessing, and you have my sincerest thanks!

Best Regards,
Anthony D
August 10, 2011
I called the rental management company soon there after and made my request to terminate the lease early (It is not our fault we should have to move, why should I do it on the managements schedule instead of mine?) using the exact terms suggested by Monica. Within 10 hours I had a signed contract in my hand from the leasing company that let me out of the lease on MY terms with no cost out of my pocket!

I really wish I found the site prior to renting with this company, but at least the folks from ATA were able to help me rectify the situation. I will highly recommend the Arizona Tenant Advocates to everyone I know who is planning on renting a home or apartment in the future. The information presented on the website is accurate and detailed and the customer service on the telephone unmatched! Thank you so much for helping my family get on with our lives and relieving the stress that was eating me up from the inside. YOU ARE THE BEST!
Cory Stem
January 12, 2010

Dear Ken,We will be making a donation to support your cause despite our move to California. Without your help, we would never have been able to do so!

Since we were able to break the lease with our former landlord, we have come back home to be with our families, gotten married, had two beautiful children. Our experience with you was a very positive one from start to finish. I was so impressed by your passion and brilliance in finding pressure points both in legislation, and litigation to support us and others with, I since completed a degree in Paralegal Studies [redacted for privacy], and am a first year law student at [redacted for privacy]. You inspired me to believe that common sense can prevail!

We thank you from the bottom of or hearts, Ken, we think of you often, and will take this opportunity to give back as soon as we can. Once I take the bar, if there's anything I can do, I'd be more than happy to help. If I remember correctly, you had some newspaper articles and letters in your home displaying successes and praises. You have our full permission to use this letter for it, and we would be honored to join the wall of fame.
The Roth FamilyNick, Bree, Kaya, and Brady
March 31, 2008
Ken and Colleagues at ATA:

Michael and I just wanted to thank you all for the terrific job you did for us in helping us remove ourselves from a very tenuous, confusing landlord-tenant contract. With your assistance, we were able to come to an amicable solution with our landlord, which included parting on fairly good terms. We don't know what we would have done without your help and we are all very happy now, living in our beautiful, spacious house. It was well worth the money we paid to get some peace of mind. Thanks again for all of your kindness, patience and hard work on our behalf.
Melissa Walton and Michael Knight
December 1, 2007
Letter to the Better Business Bureau of Central/Northern Arizona
from Phoenix Landlord, Garrisen Singer

RE: Arizona Tenants AdvocatesI am writing to tell you what a wonderful objective experience I have had recently with the ARIZONA TENANTS ADVOCATES.

I had a question and being a landlord, thinking they were partial to the tenant, I explained the situation from the point of view of the tenant to see what the answer would be, and if it would be skewed to the tenant, since that is who they normally represent.

The response that came to me was that they felt the landlord was justified and had acted in good faith and properly in the situation. They apologized, saying that normally they are representing the tenant and trying to right injustices done by the landlord, but in this situation, the landlord had acted in good faith.

I then revealed that I was in fact the landlord and really wanted an objective viewpoint.I was impressed with the professionalism, the explanation, and certainly by their impartiality. This is a wonderful and fair organization to help anyone involved in a tenant landlord question.
Garrisen Singer
April 18, 2007
Dear Ken,Here is a copy of the letter that we received from Complete Real Estate Solutions releasing us from our lease with no further legal ramifications. On a side note:

They refunded us $200 of our security deposit.We have also responded to them via certified letter accepting the settlement and have informed them that we also will not be pursuing any further legal actions.

Thank you for all of your hard work and perseverance in our case. You and your staff were extremely knowledgeable about Arizona landlord/tenant laws. You're the best! Please inform your staff that their hard work is appreciated.Best Regards
Laura E. Rolinc & Corey Dovin
February 20, 2007
I recently hired Ken Volk and the Arizona Tenants Advocates to handle my case with my landlord. I went through the Break-Lease program and have successfully broken my lease and have been relieved of my contract with them.

This has been a huge help for me and saved me thousands of dollars that my landlord claimed I owed. I would recommend the ATA to anyone having trouble with their landlords. Ken's team is experienced and helpful and guided me through each step of the process.Thanks
Chris Griffiths
November 3, 2005
Ken and all of ATA,My case was dismissed, everything is done and over, within the initial fee. Thank you a bunch!

This was more paperwork and crap than my divorce, but the result was the same. Everything worked out the way I wanted. THANK YOU!!

The service you provide is excellent, and I will refer anyone I know in a rental situation to you.Thank you
Gregory Fries
August 18, 2005

When we first moved into our apartment, it seemed to be a nice place and our landlord seemed like a nice guy. We soon discovered that he was uncooperative, unqualified, and completely unprofessional; a slumlord! Repairs were not made, phone calls were not returned, and the situation became unbearable. Imagine living in your home with no working shower and no air conditioning for 17 days in a humid Arizona summer.

Finally all of that changed when we met Ken Volk and the Arizona Tenants Advocates.The Arizona Tenants Advocates are voracious predators with an insatiable appetite for justice, and they prey on slumlords like ours. We were extremely satisfied with the results we achieved with the Tenants Assistance Program. The endless stream of paperwork literally buried our slumlord. He had no other alternative but to beg for us to leave him alone, offering to refund our money and break our lease. He probably had no idea what hit him when he got our papers.

We can only assume that he was terrified of the case the ATA was building against him. With countless pages of violations, and only 10 days to fix the problems, he was out-witted, out-manned, and generally out-smarted.

We emphatically recommend the ATA to anyone in our situation. They are champions of tenants' rights, rescuers of the sucker, and really nice people. If anyone has any doubts, then need only give Ken and his crew a few weeks and they'll be smiling as big as we are now. Thank you Ken and crew.Sincerely
Jonathan Grover / Natasha Robbins
August 1, 2005

We won!
You scared the daylights out of my former landlord. They could not make head nor tails of your work. And, when the managers came to my apartment huffing and puffing about you, and how you didn't know what you were doing, they settled with me. And my wife and I are very happy with the deal they offered, which we accepted.

It only happened because of the work you did. The landlord only inspected my apartment and never did a single repair. The landlord did not address any of the lease or legal issues. All they did was bad mouth you, and say how you had been sued countless times.

This much I can say. If I had agreed to the landlord's original terms, it would have cost me over $4,000. What I finally settled to pay only covered some of the actual free rent I received, so fair is fair to repay that. But there was no termination fee, no court battle, no lingering doubts, no 30-day notice, and it is now completely over.

I am sure nobody else could do what you do, and especially for your price. In fact, I contacted somebody else who wanted $500 from me only to TALK to my landlord. That would have achieved nothing. But, Mr. Volk, your reputation precedes you, and your work justifies the reputation, and the results make you worth every penny you charge.

So I offered this letter without any request from you. I want you, and others, to know how much your work is appreciated. You provide a valuable service, and anyone would be a fool to look elsewhere. You need to be acknowledged, and you should take credit where credit is due.In appreciation
A. Wayne Prather
June 28, 2005
What can I say.

Ken reminds me of the Captain of a Great Starship. He is at the Bridge commandeering a rough and rocky route through an age old systemic barrier known as landlord legal-field 2005.

His crew are dedicated supporters. His cause is just and he uses the law as his main thrust to action in a galaxy of legalities that are stacked against the common humanoid (90% of the population).

I am glad to know of someone, besides a biased attorney, that has dedicated their professional career to assisting common folk on the proper way to rectify problems with an unresolving landlord. Life changes happen!

We all know this. Life is also hard enough without a landlord breathing down your neck when a life change occurs and a resolution is needed quickly. The truth is landlords do not care about anything but their bottom line and have the money to lobby for the rules to enforce their interests.Luckily, we have Ken Volk and his Team. They are dedicated to the interpretation of the law when it comes to Landlord/Tenant law in Phoenix Arizona. He has fought numerous battles to improve the quality of life in our community.

People need to join behind him in this struggle for equity especially when it has to do with such a core dynamic as shelter.Thanks for all your Help!
E. G.
May 13th 2005
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and everyone at Arizona Tenants Advocates & Association for helping us get out of our lease. Our landlord, who is also an attorney, turned out to be very unscrupulous and impossible to deal with.

Without your knowledge and expertise, the process would have been far too challenging and laborious for us to go it alone. We are very grateful that a place like Arizona Tenants Advocates & Association exists and hope that you will continue to provide your services to the community.

Sincerely yours
B. D.
May 9, 2005
I am writing this letter to congratulate your office on a wonderful job. The apartment complex I live in is a slum, and thanks to your office, I am able to move my family to a much better community, without being penalized from my apartment complex. Your inspector Ira, found 181 violations; 120 inside apartment, 23 around my complex, and 38 on my lease!

With all the maintenance problems my apartment had, which included my A/C being out for a total of 9 days over a 2-month period, every time I complained or wrote to their corporate office, nothing would get done.

Then your office sent out my letters of non compliance, 10 minutes after I saw the mailman, the manager contacted me, and stated she will let me out of my lease, no questions asked, and automatically forward my deposit to my new address.

I could feel her shaking in her boots!So once again thank you for your efforts in helping people who think they have to live in a place that is unsuitable, and unfair, just because they signed a lease. I hope all of your customers appreciate the work your company is doing.

August 16 , 2004
I wish to express my great pleasure and thanks for your assistance in dealing with a past tenant/landlord dispute.

The situation would not have been resolved in my favor, i.e. fairly, without your assistance and guidance.I would hope that when individuals feel unsure, they choose to proceed on their own behalf against unfair tenant situations, with the guidance offered by the Tenants Advocates.

Thank you
March 11, 2004
Just a quick letter to let you know everything went well with my breaking my lease. I even received the $200.00 deposit, which I would not have thought to ask for if it hadn't been for you.

Ken, thank you very much for the help. I couldn't have done it without you, and I probably wouldn't have even tried. I appreciate your expertise, knowledge and professionalism. You offer a great service. I wish you well in your business endeavor. Keep up the good work.

And I hope all is going well for you and your daughter, you are a great dad.

S. K.
February 6, 2003

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