Break Your Lease Legally!

Whatever your reason, if you are an Arizona residential tenant needing to move on with your life, but stuck in a rental residence, Tenants Assistance Program (TAP) can help.

Break Lease Data Required

Please be comprehensive in completing the following. This will allow us to present options for your selection about how we can proceed to help you terminate your rental tenancy, how long it might take, whether or not you will likely have to pay any more rent, and how much the service will cost you.

Generally, lease termination costs can range anywhere from 65% of a month rent up to 100% of a single month of rent, depending on the procedure utilized.

*Only pay here after attending an appointment and completing paperwork. Payment must match contractual price, or will be considered an installment payment towards the contractual price. Full payment must be completed before contract is activated.

**By submitting payment through this website, you state that you are the named cardholder of the listed credit card, and are authorizing Tenants Assistance Program to charge the credit card for the amount listed. All services must be paid for in advance. Funds are earned at time of tender or sign up for any program. All payments for services, whether performed or not, are nonrefundable. If you change your mind about terminating your rental contract, using other services or purchasing any product, funds paid will nevertheless be retained by Tenants Assistance Program regardless of your reason and even if you decide not to proceed or use the product. Of course, Arizona Tenants Advocates and Tenants Assistance Program commit to fulfilling their respective obligations to provide services and products.

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