Simple Notice Forms

If you cannot afford Arizona Tenants Advocates' custom letter-writing service, we offer a variety of forms FREE TO ATA MEMBERS, or individually available at the affordable rate of:

Forms are 10.00 each. If you buy 2 you will get 1 free using code "ATA Forms" at checkout.

Does not include Self Help Trio.

Payment can be submitted through the ATA website sign-up portal, ATA Union Application, or taken over the phone.  Once payment is received we will e-mail these to you in Adobe Acrobat format.  Alternatively, you may come to our office and pick up hard copies.  

Please select from the following:


  • Demand for possession (options to enforce or terminate) | Buy Now
  • Demand to cure health and safety breaches (5-day notice) | Buy Now
  • Notice of landlord lease breach (10-day notice) | Buy Now
  • Notice for failure to supply essential services (multiple options) | Buy Now
  • Unlawful utility shut-off notice | Buy Now
  • Notice responding to illegal lock-out | Buy Now
  • Landlord abuse of access | Buy Now


  • Request for repairs under self-help remedy
  • Waiver of lien under self-help remedy
  • Notice of deductions pursuant to self-help remedy


  • Notice challenging invalid late charges Buy Now
  • Responding to untimely rent increase or vacate demand | Buy Now


  • Tenant notice to not renew (lease or month-to-month tenancy) | Buy Now
  • Notice of vacating and joint move-out inspection | Buy Now
  • Security deposit demand | Buy Now

CAUTION:  It is best that you come to our office for an appointment at which we can construct custom letters to address your issues.  Our office does not recommend using these forms.  

Here are the reasons:  

First of all, they do not provide for your best comprehension of the various referenced laws, and how they inter-relate with one another and other factors that may come into play.  The notice forms, despite appearances, legal citations and judicious sounding language, may not even apply to your particular circumstances.

, most tenants do not know how to best word their complaints.  This could have counterproductive repercussions, should your landlord challenge your actions.

, as a tactic, giving piecemeal notice of a small number of issues, rather than a comprehensive approach, can actually work to prevent you from achieving your objectives.  It is important to determine an ultimate goal, and then the best way it can be realized.  This is our specialty as a tenants' union, because we understand all the tricks landlords employ to entice tenants to make strategic errors.  A little knowledge can be very damaging.

That having been said. . .

. . .if you cannot afford our custom letter-writing service, sometimes these forms can affordably fill the bill.  Each document we sell has been carefully crafted by our staff specialists to confirm their accuracy, which is important because over the years we have seen various tenant notice forms that contain major, substantive errors.  Be careful.

However, if you do join ATA, which is a proviso to our letter-writing service, this offers the added benefit of protecting you from landlord retaliation.

Either way, please feel free to call Arizona Tenants Advocates at 480-557-8905.  We look forward to helping you resolve your landlord-tenant problems.

Forms are 10.00 each. If you buy 2 you will get 1 free using code "ATA Forms" at checkout.

*Does not include Self Help Trio.

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