Have you ever paid the rent without being provided a receipt from your landlord?  Did your landlord always give you a receipt?  Did your landlord ever wrongfully refuse your rent payment?  Were you evicted for non-payment despite paying the rent?

Arizona Tenants Advocates seeks your assistance to determine the extent of this problem.  Please complete the following questionnaire, which we will use to formulate proposed legal changes.  The information should relate only to landlords with whom this issue has arisen, not necessarily where you are living now (although it can be, if applicable).  

We may need to reach out to survey respondents, so be sure to provide your name, telephone number and email address.  

Your assistance will make a significant contribution.  Thank you for your time and attention.


For each section below, multiple answers are acceptable, so please select ALL options that apply.  For example, if you have submitted rent payments employing more than one type of financial instrument (Question 4), select each payment format ever used over the duration.

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